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Wheat & Durum

Hard Red Spring Wheat

Spring Wheat Variety Comparison Chart

This handy chart compares the following spring wheat varieties we have for sale on key attributes including: grain yield, height, straw strength, disease etc.

CDC Envy Hard Red Spring Wheat

Early maturing semi-dwarf spring wheat with high yields and good standability.

AAC Wheatland VB - Top yield and wheat midge resistance

This is a new high yielding hard red spring wheat from Secan that has wheat midge resistance.

AAC Hockley Wheat - High Protein and Leading Disease Resistance

AAC Hockley, the next generation in genetic potential offering consistent high yields and improved grain protein. This semi-dwarf variety has industry-leading standability, significantly better than all checks and can stand up to an intensive fertilizer management plan. The disease package is excellent, with ‘MR’ or better for all priority one diseases including FHB.

CDC Adamant VB - Standing up to sawfly & wheat midge

CDC Adamant VB is the first CWRS wheat that provides resistance to both wheat stem sawfly and orange blossom wheat midge . Farmers can now access unsurpassed protection from insect damage without having to sacrifice top-end yields.

AAC Viewfield Wheat - Short with excellent yield potential

AAC Viewfield is the shortest CWRS wheat to date with excellent straw strength, making it a top choice for irrigation and high yield environments. It’s a top yielder with improved protection against fusarium head blight (FHB) and sprouting.

AAC® Brandon Wheat - Top Choice in Western Canada

Brandon is semi-dwarf variety is capable of achieving high yields across many types of land and climate conditions on the prairies and is known for it's excellent quality protein and holding grade.

Durum Wheat

Durum Variety Comparison at a Glance

Durum Variety Comparison Chart

There are quite a few differences between the Alberta Seed Guide and Saskatchewan Seed Guide on Durum variety results. Results can be affected by so many variables! So we have decided to show the comparison chart for both guides looking at the key attributes including: grain yield, height, straw strength, disease etc.

AAC Schrader Durum - #1 Durum yield in AB Seed Guide & Leading the way in fusarium resistance

Newly released!!! AAC Schrader is the first and only durum with an ‘I’ (Intermediate Resistance Rating) for Fusarium Head Blight, displaying the highest resistance to FHB in CWAD. It is very high yielding with good standability!

AAC Schrader Stewardship Agreement - FP Genetics

AAC Schrader is a very unique variety, bearing a strong “I” or Intermediate rating for Fusarium Head Blight, and is the only variety of its kind commercially available globally. As a result the variety owner, FP Genetics, has created a Stewardship Agreement to protect the variety. The agreement allows farmers to use farm saved seed from this variety but restricts use for other purposes. See more info below:

AAC Stronghold Durum - Stands up to sawfly and delivers on yield

With it's strong straw, AAC Stronghold will be an excellent fit for southern Alberta, particularly under irrigation. Solid stem sawfly resistance makes it a smart choice on dryland.

AAC GoldNet Durum - The new Gold Standard for yield & protein!

This is a new high yielding Durum variety that has been topping the charts for yield in both the Sask Seed Guide and AB Seed Guide.

CDC Defy Durum - Excellent yield performer

CDC Defy durum wheat is an exciting new variety that looks to hold great promise for durum production in the future.

AAC Congress Durum

AAC Congress is high-yielding durum wheat variety with superior end-use qualities and some drought resistance.

AC® Transcend Durum

Slightly higher yield than Strongfield and better fusarium resistance! Transcend can be counted on to produce a nice quality sample.