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Pet Bird Food

Our companion bird seed mixes have been formulated to provide interest and variety for your pet while at the same time promoting pet health. Our pet food mixes include mixes for Parrots, Budgies, Cockatiels, Lovebirds and Finches.
Pet Bird Food Pet Bird Food

At Chin Ridge Seeds, we are serious about meeting the high standards you have for your pet food products. Our pet bird mixes contain all natural, premium quality ingredients, with no preservatives and no food coloring additives. We believe in providing farm fresh ingredients to companion birds, similar to the real life food that they would find in the wild. Our dust free, triple cleaned mixes ensure that your bird's health is protected. In addition, our mixes are specially formulated to provide interest and variety for your companion birds with many mixes such as our Parrot Premium and Cockatiel Premium mixes containing over 20 unique seed ingredients and an avian pellet, for added vitamins and nutrients.