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Barley Variety Comparison at a glance

Barley Variety Comparison Chart

This handy chart compares the barley varieties we have for sale on key attributes including: grain yield, forage yield, height, straw strength, malt acceptance etc.

Two Row Feed Barley

AB Prime Barley - Raising the bar for yield in cattle country

New from Seednet, AB Prime Barley is new two-row feed barley with very high yields and good standability. This variety looks well suited for southern Alberta and Saskatchewan and is new for 2023!

Esma Barley - Short with high yield potential

New for 2022! ESMA is an exciting new variety from Secan for Canada that should provide exceptional grain yield and straw strength. Excellent choice for irrigation or high fertility environments.

CDC Austenson Barley - Tried and true

Two-row feed barley with top grain yield, straw strength, high test weight and plumpness. Extremely adaptable and suitable for high fertility and dryland environments

AB Wrangler Barley - Ticks the boxes- high yields dryland grain or forage

AB Wrangler is new for seed season 2022! This is a new 2 row forage/feed barley that is turning heads because of its high forage and grain yields.

CDC Maverick Barley - Smooth awn favorite for dryland forage

Two-row forage barley with smooth awns that make it a cow favorite when baled or used for swath grazing. A nice big kernel with a heavy bushel weight when harvested for grain. Excellent if rolling for feed purposes.

Six Row Feed Barley

AB Advantage Barley - Top forage yields!! 6 row smooth awn variety.

Top forage yielder for barley in the 2023 Sask Seed Guide! Advantage tops the DM yield (Kg/ha) in the charts! With it's smooth awn and excellent standability, new AB Advantage Barley is an excellent choice for those customers looking for silage/green feed/grain option.

Malt Barley

AAC Connect Barley - Standability and Rising Acceptance for malt.

New malt/feed barley that has excellent grain yield and nice standability. This variety is rising in acceptance with Maltsters due to it's similar malt profile to AC Metcalfe and it's low susceptibility to Fusarium.

CDC Copeland Barley - Malt barley favorite.

Two-row malting barley with high yields and good straw strength