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Seed treatments contain fungicides that will control a wide range of diseases. Common seed diseases in Alberta are rots, bunts, smuts and blights. Seed treatment ensures your investment in seed pays off by protecting it from these common diseases, this is particularly importing if you are seeding in less than ideal conditions.

Seed Treatment Options available from Chin Ridge Seeds:

We can save you the mess and hassle of seed treating your seed and are able to apply the following seed treatments to your seed purchase:

Raxil Pro
Provides broad-spectrum disease protection your cereal crop needs. Crops treated with Raxil Pro emerge faster, have healthier root systems and better withstand seasonal stresses. This product is great for wheat, barley and oats because of it's protection against fusarium and loose smut.

Raxil Pro Shield
Provides all the benefits of Raxil Pro with the addition of an insecticide to provide excellent wireworm protection for your cereal crops.

Vibrance Quattro
Vibrance Quattro is the all-in-one fungicide solution for your cereals, providing extensive, broad-spectrum disease protection, including excellent control of Fusarium and Rhizoctonia.

Cruiser Maxx Vibrance
With four fungicides and one insecticide, plus the added benefits of Vigor Trigger® and Rooting Power®, Cruiser Vibrance Quattro seed treatment delivers excellent disease and insect control to help enhance crop establishmen

Nature's Grubs® Soil Enhancements/Fertilizer/Innoculant

Talk to us about our Nature's Grubs® line of soil enhancement products that provide nutritional and fertilizer benefit.