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Oats & Triticale


CDC Arborg Oats - NEW!!

The Complete Package For Farmers And Millers CDC Arborg is a very high yielding, early maturing white milling oat that stands very well. It has excellent market opportunities, with good groat percentage, low thins and high beta-glucan, which has millers anxiously awaiting this variety’s commercial release in spring 2020.

ORe3542M Oats

High yielding, high quality, white hulled milling oat. This variety has strong straw and crown rust resistance.

AC Morgan Oats

AC Morgan is a white hulled milling oat with high grain yield, very good lodging resistance and excellent milling quality.

AC Mustang Oats

Tall very high yielding feed oat.

Oats Variety Comparisons.

We have attempted to come up with a relative comparison of our Oats Varieties based out of the 2020 Alberta & Saskatchewan Seed Guides.