Updated October 26, 2021

AAC Stronghold Durum

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With it's strong straw, AAC Stronghold will be an excellent fit for southern Alberta, particularly under irrigation. Solid stem sawfly resistance makes it a smart choice on dryland.



AAC Stronghold, named for it's excellent straw strength, is a variety that provides excellent yields and resists lodging which make it one of our top choices for irrigation fields. A solid stem variety, Stronghold provides protection against wheat stem sawfly. It also has a nice grain sample with high test weight and good gluten strength. End use customers like it because it produces good pasta colour with low grain Cadmium.

AAC Stronghold should be a good fit in all durum growing areas of Western Canada.


Ron DePauw from Secan with AAC Stronghold

We had excellent dryland yields from Stronghold with all the nice moisture we had in 2020. Stronghold was nice to thresh and provided a nice sample for us.

Kelly Barany
Kelly Barany

Technical Bulletin
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