Formulated to naturally improve the health of your garden.

Garden Seed Blends

Now introducing Mother Nature's Garden Seed specialty blends. Our line includes seed blends to attract pollinators and hummingbirds to your garden and also seed blends to improve the productivity and health of your garden.
Garden Seed Blends Garden Seed Blends

A commitment to quality and dedication to our customers has been the foundation of seed business. We are proud to introduce garden seed blends that will enhance the productivity of your garden while supporting wildlife diversity and environmental sustainability.

Why our garden seed blends are special:

Our blends are formulated by experts: We have worked with seed experts to determine which plants work best to attract and sustain pollinators; and to determine which plants can improve soil quality through enhanced water retention, better soil organic matter, and promotion of soil microorganisms.

Our seed works in Canadian climates: Our seed has been selected from seed varieties that have done well across a broad variety of Canadian climate conditions.

Our company is Canadian and proud of it: We are a Canadian family owned business. We purchase our seed as locally as possible to support Canadian farmers and our local economy.

Our Company is sustainability focused and solar powered: We are a net zero power consumer thanks to our solar farm installed on our manufacturing site and we are committed to continuing to reduce our environmental footprint in more areas in the future.