Updated November 01, 2018

AAC Viewfield

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AAC Viewfield is the shortest CWRS to date with excellent straw strength, making it a top choice for irrigation and high yield environments. It’s a top yielder with improved protection against fusarium head blight (FHB) and sprouting.

AAC Viewfield is a stand-up bet for the southern and central prairies.


  • Top of class in standability, easy to harvest » Semi-dwarf and shortest CWRS available
  • Very high yielding; up to 117%* of the check
  • Intermediate to FHB; a strong base for a fusarium IPM system
  • Good sprouting


Viewfield has performed well in the trials and we are excited about it's potential to be pushed for yield under irrigation. This variety is very short and stands well so you shouldn't need to use a plant growth regulator. This is a variety to watch for in the future.

Kelly Barany
Kelly Barany

Technical Bulletin
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