Commitment to Sustainability

Chin Ridge is committed to providing excellent products to our customers while pursuing sustainable resource management practices.

Here are some of our current initiatives:

No-till land management practices:

Our farm uses no-till farming methods to allow us to minimize land disruption and prevent the devastating effects of soil erosion while maximizing soil moisture retention and improving soil biodiversity for microorganisms, earthworms and the like. In addition, no-till practices reduce fertilizer loss due to water runoff and reduces equipment fuel usage.


Solar-Powered Facilities:

We recently installed a 132.7 kW solar farm. The solar array includes 428 solar panels and generates over 180 MWh of electricity annually allowing us to operate our bird seed warehouses and seed plant operations with a net zero energy footprint.


Local supplier programs:

We believe in supporting local suppliers to support our local economy and to lower the environmental and financial costs of transporting goods long distances. While we can not source all of our supplies locally, we do work with local farmers on ingredients and local suppliers for packaging materials. We emphasize purchasing Canadian products when possible and believe that the Canadian farmers and suppliers are among the best in the world.