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Lentil comparison chart

Here is our data comparison of the seed trials of the lentil varieties we have for sale this year relative to the check (CDC Maxim).

CDC Impulse CL® Lentils - Red

This small red lentil has a seed size that is just slightly larger than CDC Maxim. Impulse lentils will out yield Maxims in the traditional lentil growing areas of Saskatchewan and are Clearfield tolerant.

CDC Nimble CL® Lentil - Red

This is a new high yielding small red lentil (yielding 109% more than CDC Maxim in the 2021 Saskatchewan Seed Guide) and has a seed thickness greater than that of CDC Maxim and good resistance to Ascochyta Blight. Clearfield (Imidazolinone) tolerant for weed control.

CDC Simmie CL® Lentils - Red

CDC Simmie is a new red lentil variety, that has similar characteristics to CDC Maxim. This early medium maturing variety was bred by Albert Vandenberg at the University of Saskatchewan. CDC Simmie has an immense disease package and yields are 103% – 109% of CDC Maxim. New to the fields in the Spring of 2022.

CDC Lima CL® Lentils - Large Green

CDC Lima CL® is an Imidazolinone tolerant large green lentil variety with higher yield and seed thickness compared to CDC Improve and CDC Impower.

CDC Green Star Lentils - Large Green

A conventional green lentil that yields as much as red CDC Maxim in the traditional lentil growing areas of Sask and Alberta.


Pea Variety Comparison at a glance

This is a comparison sheet of the pea varieties that we have available. Data based on Saskatchewan Seed Guide 2024 & Prior data from the Crop Development Center at University of Saskatchewan.

AAC Planet Peas - New high yielding yellow pea for 2024!

AAC Planet is a new high-yielding yellow pea that offers resistance to powdery mildew.

AAC Beyond Peas - New high yielding yellow pea for 2024!

AAC Beyond is a new high yielding yellow pea - available for 2024!

AAC Carver -Yellow Peas

An early maturing yellow pea that seems to be less susceptible to seed coat breakage.

CDC Forest - Green Peas

High yielding green field pea with good lodging tolerance. Features improved mycosphaerella blight resistance and powdery mildew resistance

CDC Leroy - Forage Peas

CDC Leroy is a forage pea cultivar developed by the Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan.

CDC Blazer - Maple Peas

CDC Blazer is a new high yielding maple pea variety with a light seed coat.

Flax & Other Specialty Crops

CDC Dorado Yellow (Golden) Flax - finds its market niche with high marks for nutritional benefits.

Bred at the Crop Development Centre at the University of Saskatchewan, CDC Dorado is a high-yielding yellow flax with better oil content, linolenic acid content, and a good disease package among other positive characteristics.

Other Seed: Mustard, millet, buckwheat etc.

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