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Wild Bird Seed

Chin Ridge provides a full line of superior wild bird seed mixes that have been specially formulated to attract specific types of birds. We also ensure our seed mixes are full of wholesome, all natural seeds that the birds will happily eat (with no cheap filler).
Wild Bird Seed Wild Bird Seed

A commitment to quality and dedication to our customers has been the foundation of our bird seed business. We are proud of our bird seed product lines include Mother Nature's® bird seed, Bird's Choice® bird seed, Wildwest Specialty Seeds® bird seed, and Nature's Grubs® insect and seed blends.

Why our bird seed products are special:

  • Bird Specific Blends: We have a number of bird specific blends that have been formulated to attract certain types of birds to your backyard. Used in combination with the correct feeder, these blends can help you to separate different birds in your backyard and allow you to attract the broadest combination of backyard birds.
  • Bird Preferred Premium Ingredients: We focus on the key ingredients that birds most prefer in our mixes and try to minimize the less preferred ingredients like wheat, corn, milo and other cereal grains.
  • Simple Healthy Seed Cleaned to High Standards: We use all natural ingredients with no preservatives or artificial ingredients like food coloring and evaluate all ingredients through our own seed cleaning facility and seed inspection checks.
  • Canadian and proud of it: We are a Canadian family owned business. We purchase our seed as locally as possible to support Canadian farmers and our local economy.
  • Sustainability focused and solar powered: We are a net zero power consumer thanks to our solar farm installed on our manufacturing site and we are committed to continuing to reduce our environmental footprint in more areas in the future.


Some of our more popular wild bird mixes and pure seed selections are described and pictured below and can be obtained from a number of distributors and retailers.