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Barley Variety Comparison at a glance

Barley Variety Comparison Chart

This handy chart compares the barley varieties we have for sale on key attributes including: grain yield, forage yield, height, straw strength, malt acceptance etc.

Two Row Feed Barley

Esma Barley - New!

New for 2022! ESMA is an exciting new variety from Secan for Canada that should provide exceptional grain yield and straw strength. Excellent choice for irrigation or high fertility environments.

CDC Austenson Barley

Two-row feed barley with top grain yield, straw strength, high test weight and plumpness has set the bar for feed barley in southern Alberta. Suitable for high fertility and dryland environments

CDC Bow Barley

This 2 row barley yields and stands like Austenson but has been underestimated as a feed variety by many growers because it has been classified as a "malt". Suitable for high fertility and dryland environments.

AB Wrangler Barley - New!

AB Wrangler is new for seed season 2022! This is a new 2 row forage/feed barley that is turning heads in cattle country with high forage and feed yields.

CDC Maverick Barley - Smooth Awn

Two-row forage barley with smooth awns that make it a cow favorite when baled or used for swath grazing. A nice big kernel with a heavy bushel weight when harvested for grain. Excellent if rolling for feed purposes.

Six Row Feed Barley

AB Advantage Barley - Smooth Awn

With it's smooth awn and excellent standability, new AB Advantage Barley is an excellent choice for those customers looking for silage/green feed/grain option.

Malt Barley

AAC Connect Barley - NEW!

New malt/feed barley that has excellent grain yield and nice standability. This variety is rising in acceptance with Maltsters due to it's similar malt profile to AC Metcalfe and it's low susceptibility to Fusarium.

CDC Copeland Barley

Two-row malting barley with high yields and good straw strength

Wheat & Durum

Winter Wheat

AAC Wildfire Winter Wheat

AAC Wildfire offers breakthrough yield, yielding 14% higher than Radiant in the 2018 Alberta Seed Guide and is one of the few varieties listed as having a "Very Good" rating for winter hardiness! With a strong “R” rating for resistance to Stripe Rust, Wildfire has a powerful advantage over many other winter wheat varieties including Radiant. Finally, it has an MR (moderately resistant) rating to fusarium and has good straw strength.

Hard Red Spring Wheat

Spring Wheat Variety Comparisons

Spring Wheat Variety Comparison Chart

This handy chart compares the following spring wheat varieties we have for sale on key attributes including: grain yield, height, straw strength, disease etc.

AAC Wheatland VB Hard Red Spring Wheat

This is a new high yielding hard red spring wheat from Secan that has wheat midge resistance.

CDC Adamant VB

CDC Adamant VB is the first CWRS wheat that provides tolerance to both orange blossom wheat midge (SM1 carrier) and wheat stem sawfly. Farmers can now access unsurpassed protection from insect damage without having to sacrifice top-end yields.

AAC Viewfield Wheat

AAC Viewfield is the shortest CWRS wheat to date with excellent straw strength, making it a top choice for irrigation and high yield environments. It’s a top yielder with improved protection against fusarium head blight (FHB) and sprouting.

CDC Landmark VB Wheat

CDC Landmark VB is the first midge tolerant wheat that is high yielding, semi-dwarf, with improved protection against fusarium head blight (FHB). In addition, it has a semi-solid stem which offers some sawfly protection.

AAC® Brandon Wheat

Brandon is semi-dwarf variety is capable of achieving high yields across many types of land and climate conditions on the prairies and is known for it's excellent quality protein and holding grade.

Durum Wheat

Durum Variety Comparison at a Glance

Durum Variety Comparison Chart

This handy chart compares the durum varieties we have for sale on key attributes including: grain yield, height, straw strength, disease etc.

AAC Stronghold Durum

With it's strong straw, AAC Stronghold will be an excellent fit for southern Alberta, particularly under irrigation. Solid stem sawfly resistance makes it a smart choice on dryland.

AAC GoldNet Durum

This is a new high yielding Durum variety that has been topping the charts for yield in both the Sask Seed Guide and AB Seed Guide.

CDC Defy Durum

CDC Defy durum wheat is an exciting new variety that looks to hold great promise for durum production in the future.

AAC Congress Durum

AAC Congress is high-yielding durum wheat variety with superior end-use qualities and some drought resistance.

AC® Transcend Durum

Slightly higher yield than Strongfield and better fusarium resistance! Transcend can be counted on to produce a nice quality sample.

AAC® Spitfire Durum

With 8% Higher yield than Strongfield and better standability, Spitfire is a an excellent choice on irrigation.

DT2009 Experimental Variety FP Genetics Durum

This brand new variety of durum from FP Genetics is the first durum registered with an IM rating for Fusarium.

Soft Wheat

AAC Paramount VB Soft Wheat

AAC Paramount VB is a high yielding soft white spring wheat with an excellent agronomic package, large kernel size and improved falling number.

Fall Rye

Whether you are considering conventional or hybrid fall rye, we have some options for you.

Fall Rye Overview

We answer some of your questions about fall rye: - Why you would grow fall rye - What is the difference between hybrid fall rye and conventional fall rye - What are the marketing options for rye - Why you would choose fall rye over winter wheat

Fall Rye Varieties Available

We offer both Hybrid and Conventional Fall Rye Varieties. We currently are offering KWS Serafino Hybrid Rye that offers maximum yield performance for silage, feed or grain. Also talk to us about our Conventional Fall Rye Options.

Oats & Triticale


Oats Variety Comparisons.

See our comparison chart of our Oat varieties based on data from the 2021 Alberta Seed Guide:

CDC Arborg Oats - NEW!!

This new multi-purpose oat is an excellent choice for milling or green feed/forage purposes: CDC Arborg is a very high yielding, early maturing white milling oat that stands very well. It has excellent milling market opportunities, with good groat %, low thins and high beta-glucane. In addition, Arborg offers excellent green feed/forage tonnage and quality so it performs very well as a forage oat.

ORe3542M Oats

High yielding, high quality, white hulled milling oat. This variety has strong straw and crown rust resistance.

AC Morgan Oats

AC Morgan is a white hulled milling oat with high grain yield, very good lodging resistance and excellent milling quality.

Pulses & Specialty Crops


Pea Variety Comparison at a glance

This is a comparison sheet of the pea varieties that we have available. Data based on Saskatchewan Seed Guide 2022 & Prior data from the Crop Development Center at University of Saskatchewan.

AAC Chrome - Yellow Peas

AAC Chrome brings together three top requirements for growers; high yields, excellent standability and resistance to powdery mildew.

AAC Carver -Yellow Peas

An early maturing yellow pea that seems to be less susceptible to seed coat breakage.

CDC Forest - Green Peas

High yielding green field pea with good lodging tolerance. Features improved mycosphaerella blight resistance and powdery mildew resistance

CDC Leroy - Forage Peas

CDC Leroy is a forage pea cultivar developed by the Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan.

CDC Blazer - Maple Peas

CDC Blazer is a new high yielding maple pea variety with a light seed coat.


Lentil comparison chart

Here is our data comparison of the seed trials of the lentil varieties we have for sale this year relative to the check (CDC Maxim).

CDC Impulse CL® Lentils - Red

This small red lentil has a seed size that is just slightly larger than CDC Maxim. Impulse lentils will out yield Maxims in the traditional lentil growing areas of Saskatchewan and are Clearfield tolerant.

CDC Nimble CL® Lentil - Red

This is a new high yielding small red lentil (yielding 109% more than CDC Maxim in the 2021 Saskatchewan Seed Guide) and has a seed thickness greater than that of CDC Maxim and good resistance to Ascochyta Blight. Clearfield (Imidazolinone) tolerant for weed control.

CDC Simmie CL® Lentils - Red

CDC Simmie is a new red lentil variety, that has similar characteristics to CDC Maxim. This early medium maturing variety was bred by Albert Vandenberg at the University of Saskatchewan. CDC Simmie has an immense disease package and yields are 103% – 109% of CDC Maxim. New to the fields in the Spring of 2022.

CDC Lima CL® Lentils - Large Green

CDC Lima CL® is an Imidazolinone tolerant large green lentil variety with higher yield and seed thickness compared to CDC Improve and CDC Impower.

CDC Green Star Lentils - Large Green

A conventional green lentil that yields as much as red CDC Maxim in the traditional lentil growing areas of Sask and Alberta.

Specialty Crops

Other Seed: Mustard, millet, buckwheat etc.

Talk to us about other crops.

Forages, Alfalfa, & Cover Crops

We are pleased to provide our customers with custom forage and cover crop blends as well as Alfalfa seed and blends.

Pea, Oat and Barley forage blends

Peas are often added to oats or barley forage crops in order to increase the protein content and palatability of the forage.

Alfalfa & Hay Blends

We offer the following Alfalfa and Hay blends.

Pasture Blends & Cover Crops

We are able to order specialty blends or custom blends to meet your specific needs.

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