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Nature's Grubs - Happy Flock

Chin Ridge Seeds is proud to introduce Nature’s Grubs® Happy Flock Mix to our line-up of quality bird food products. Happy Flock Mix is an excellent treat for backyard birds and pet birds particularly if they need a protein boost to give them extra energy for nesting. In addition, it is popular with insect loving birds including Robins.

"Nature’s Grubs® Happy Flock is a new mix that offers our wild backyard birds a nutritious blend of black oil sunflower seeds, cracked wheat, cracked corn, and dried larvae. The large and protein-rich larvae of the soldier fly are readily dined on by regular feeder patrons such as chickadees, woodpeckers, and nuthatches, and – once discovered – quickly become a favourite of American Robins and other summer birds. The blend is also a favourite of ground-feeding species such as native sparrows as well as Ruffed Grouse, Gray Partridge, and Ring-necked Pheasant". Myrna Pearman, Naturist

Nature's Grubs Nature's Grubs - Happy Flock
Nature's Grubs Nature's Grubs - Happy Flock


Chickadees, Nuthatches, Sparrows, Woodpeckers, Partridge, and Quail.


Black Oil Sunflower, Cracked Wheat, Cracked Corn, Nature's Grubs®

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UPC Item# Weight Items/Case Packaging
062861283268 NG.HF.1.5K 1.5 kg / 3.3 lb 10 bag
06286171326 NG.HF.8K 8 kg / 17.6 lb 1 bag
062861303263 NG.HF.14K 14 kg / 30.8 lb 1 bag

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