Black Oil Sunflower seed

Black Oil Sunflower

Black oil sunflower have softer shells making it easier for smaller birds to open. High in oil content, this seed is an energy booster for wild birds and is excellent for year round bird feeding. Black oil sunflower can be offered in many feeders including trays, tube feeders, hoppers, and window feeders.

A wide variety of birds are attracted to Black oil sunflower including: Cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers, nuthatches, titmice, chickadees, grosbeaks, finches, nutcrackers, juncos, House Sparrows, blackbirds, doves, & grackles.

Mother Nature's® Black Oil Sunflower
I think people need to know how good Mother Nature's birdseed is. It's what the birds want. They pick and choose but eventually it is all gone. They don't dump everything on the floor and there is no mess. We found it was much cleaner than the other seed. I am very impressed and the seed is really good. Ernie
Breeder from Whitehorse


Black Oil Sunflower seed

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UPC Item# Weight Items/Case Packaging
062861274006 MN.SBP.02K Premium Quality 2 kg / 4.4 lb 10 Plastic bag
062861734005 MN.SBP.7KG.PB Premium Quality 7 kg / 15.5 lb 1 Plastic bag
062861733985 MN.SBO2.7KG.PB Regular Quality 7 kg / 15.5 lb 1 Plastic bag
062861693982 MN.SBO2.16K Regular Quality 16 kg / 35.3 lb 1 Blue BOPP bag
062861403987 MN.SBO2.40L Regular Quality 18.14 kg / 40 lb 1 Blue BOPP Bag
062861404007 MN.SBP.40L Premium Quality 18.14 kg / 40 lb 1 Clear BOPP Bag
062861604001 Mn.SBP.50L Premium Quality 22.68 kg / 50 lb 1 Clear BOPP Bag

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