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Pigeon Premium

Mother Nature’s Pigeon Premium mix provides a high protein combination of seeds perfect for pigeons including racing pigeons.

Mother Nature's® Pigeon Premium
Mother Nature's® Pigeon Premium


Whole Kernel Corn, Red Milo Seed, Maple Peas, Trapper Peas, Safflower, Vetch.

Product Details

UPC Item# Weight Items/Case Packaging
UPC: 062861182301 Item#: MN.PIP.2.2K_SUP Weight: 2.2 kg / 4.9 lb Items/Case: 4 Packaging: Standup Pouch
UPC: 062861352308 Item#: MN.PIP.25L Weight: 11.34 kg / 25 lb Items/Case: 1 Packaging: Bag
UPC: 062861442306 Item#: MN.PIP.20K Weight: 20 kg / 44 lb Items/Case: 1 Packaging: Bag

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