Updated December 01, 2021

AAC Connect Barley - NEW!

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New malt/feed barley that has excellent grain yield and nice standability. This variety is rising in acceptance with Maltsters due to it's similar malt profile to AC Metcalfe and it's low susceptibility to Fusarium.


Great yield potential and excellent malt quality attributes.

Let's Connect Over a Beer.

Best FHB resistance in its class with superior yield and short, strong straw.

  • Included on the CMBTC variety recommended list with established demand
  • High yielding potential, especially in high Fusarium pressure areas
  • Malt quality similar to AC Metcalfe, with higher malt extract and friability (see graph below)
  • Short, strong straw, suitable for all crop management systems (dryland or irrigation)
  • Heavier and plumper kernels
  • MR to FHB and lower Don accumulation (the best rating in its class) and excellent overall disease resistance package.

We are excited to see Connect gaining ground in the malt market. This variety will be excellent for the export market. Nice to see a malt that is also an excellent feed barley. Like the fact that it is more resistant to Fusarium than most other barleys.

Kelly Barany
Kelly Barany

Technical Bulletin
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