AB Prime is a new feed barley from SeedNet.
Updated October 13, 2022

AB Prime Barley - Raising the bar for yield in cattle country

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New from Seednet, AB Prime Barley is new two-row feed barley with very high yields and good standability. This variety looks well suited for southern Alberta and Saskatchewan and is new for 2023!


Main Strengths:

  • ​Yield 10% above AAC Synergy ​​​​in Area 1 & 2 Saskatchewan (See Seed Guide results below)
  • ​Good lodging resistance
  • ​Test weight and kernel weight are similar to checks
  • ​Moderate resistance to FHB, smuts, and scalds
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Wow! AB Prime is a setting it's mark for top yields for 2 row grain yields in Cattle Country. This is the new variety to watch for in the Seed Guides. We are very excited about the future of AB Prime.

Kelly Barany
Kelly Barany