Updated October 26, 2021

CDC Arborg Oats - NEW!!

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This new multi-purpose oat is an excellent choice for milling or green feed/forage purposes: CDC Arborg is a very high yielding, early maturing white milling oat that stands very well. It has excellent milling market opportunities, with good groat %, low thins and high beta-glucane. In addition, Arborg offers excellent green feed/forage tonnage and quality so it performs very well as a forage oat.



  • Very high yielding grain yields
  • Strong straw and excellent standability
  • Early maturing
  • Excellent milling prospects due to:
    • High beta-glucan
    • High plump and low thins
    • High groat percentage
  • Excellent forage/green feed prospects due to:
    • High forage yield (tonnes/acre) for baling, silage or swath grazing.
    • High crude protein content in silage trials.
    • High TDN% in silage trials.

New CDC Arborg is a nice plump high yielding Oat that is suitable for milling, feed or forage.

Kelly Barany
Kelly Barany

Technical Bulletin
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