Which foods to use to attract woodpeckers to your backyard

Which foods to use to attract woodpeckers to your backyard

January 24, 2017 | Kelly Barany, Chin Ridge Seeds (en-CA)

We are seeing quite a few of pictures of woodpeckers including flickers and downy woodpeckers posted on bird watching sites right now. I am always excited to see a woodpecker on my feeder. They are just such beautiful birds. If you want to attract these showy birds to your backyard here is a very brief outline of some of the different types of bird food to consider.

Woodpeckers seem to enjoy peanuts. While the picture above shows in shell peanuts, we also recommend offering skinless or red skinned peanuts in an appropriate peanut feeder. This will attract woodpeckers and also birds like nuthatches.

Woodpeckers love suet. We would recommend our Pine Tree Farms Peanut Butter or Insect Suet.

Sunflower Chips
Woodpeckers enjoy sunflower seed and sunflower chips in particular. We recommend our Mother Nature's Medium Sunflower Chips served in a tray feeder or fly through feeder.

Jay and Woodpecker Mix
Our Mother Nature's Jay and Woodpecker mix is a good all purpose mix for attracting woodpeckers. It has a high peanut content and also has striped sunflower seed which many of these larger woodpeckers have no trouble handling.