Top 5 reasons to seed a fall crop

Top 5 reasons to seed a fall crop

August 27, 2023 | Kelly Barany, Chin Ridge Seeds (en-CA)

Are you on the fence about seeding a fall crop? Here are the top 5 reasons to consider getting off the fence this year and giving it a go!

Whether it's Winter Wheat or Hybrid Rye or Alfalfa, here are some of the benefits to seeding a fall crop:

  1. Fall crops act as great cover crops preventing soil erosion due to wind or water runoff.
  2. Fall crops take advantage of early season spring moisture and get a head start on weeds.
  3. Fall crops spread out the work, you harvest them earlier in the crop season and therefore spread out the workload.
  4. Fall crops can help you potentially double crop - take a winter crop off and then plant another crop e.g. barley or oats for silage.
  5. Fall crops provide habitat for ducks and other wildlife throughout the fall and into the following summer improving wild life diversity.

If you are looking for winter wheat or hybrid rye or alfalfa seed this fall, give us call. Seed is still available!

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