The Benefits of a Fly-Through Feeder

The Benefits of a Fly-Through Feeder

October 21, 2013 | Kelly Barany, Chin Ridge Seeds (en-CA)


I was so excited yesterday. I have been looking for a really large good quality wooden feeder for a while now.  However, most of the stores I have been in i.e. Canadian Tire just have small feeders.  So yesterday I was visiting one of our customers and there on the shelf was the feeder I have been looking for!

This feeder by Wild Bird Trading Company is what I call a "fly - through feeder" meaning that it is ideal for birds that just want to fly in, grab a seed and fly out quickly.  This particular one is very large making it suitable for blue jays and large woodpeckers like northern flickers.

Some people complain about the jays in the yard chasing off other birds but I love jays and while I have seen them pass through my yard they have rarely stuck around.  So when I hung this feeder up yesterday I was hopeful but didn't know what to expect. Well within a couple of hours I had 3 blue jays coming and going. It was like grand central station and the other birds could still eat at the other feeders without worrying about the jays.

This feeder was about $60 at Green Haven Garden Centre in Lethbridge and based on my experience with feeders I think it is very good quality and a good price for what you are getting. So consider putting up a feeder just for the blue jays. They can provide hours of entertainment in the backyard and that flash of blue is beautiful especially against the snow in winter time.