So What's Special About Transcend Durum

November 27, 2014 | Kelly Barany, Chin Ridge Seeds

We are getting a lot of calls about AC® Transcend durum. The word is out about this variety and it is selling itself.


If you look in the 2014 Alberta Seed Guide, Transcend yields more than AC® Strongfield but not significantly - only by 2% on average. So why are people so excited about this variety?

Well I think it is a combination of things: anecdotal evidence seems to indicate a higher yield advantage of Transcend over Strongfield than what we see in the seed guide. It's easy to harvest and has a good disease resistance package.

Transcend has impressed us in a number of ways. Yield has been good but we haven't had a side by side comparison of it to other durums so we can't fairly comment on the relative yield. It was a beautiful looking field and the sample had a nice rich amber color. However, we ended up with a nasty mid-harvest hail/rain storm which cut our yields. I will say that the field stood up pretty well despite the hail.

We have a decent supply of Transcend. We think pricing will be high but with the ever changing market place we haven't finalized prices yet. If you want us to hold some for you, let us know and we will set some aside until we have set pricing and then you can decide whether to take or leave it.