Top yielding yellow pea variety, AAC Chrome.

AAC Chrome Yellow Peas - Top yielder - Area 1 and Area 2 in Alberta Seed Guide

March 08, 2021 | Kelly Barany, Chin Ridge Seeds (en-CA)


How does AAC Chrome stack up versus the competition:

  1. Yield: AAC Chrome looks good in the Alberta seed guide with the top yield in Area 1 and tied for top yield in Area 2. Chrome's success in southern Alberta makes it a strong choice for varieties to consider.
  2. Seed Coat Breakage: This is something we worry about as seed growers. When the seed coat gets damaged then it can cause the dreaded "abnormal" seeds which are reduce your germination % in the lab. Low germination affects our ability to sell the seed and affects your ability to reseed your own seed. Of course the gold standard for seed coat breakage are CDC Meadow peas. However, we have found that AAC Chromes are acceptable for seed coat breakage and there are many pea varieties that are not. So we find Chromes are a good risk/reward choice here in southern Alberta where Chrome peas should definitely out yield Meadow peas.
  3. Standability and vine length: Chrome Peas are shorter than Meadow and many other varieties and are look good for standability. We have grown Chrome on irrigation and have had good luck in handling them even under high yield scenerios.
  4. Green seed coat: A downgrading factor for yellow peas is a tinge of green in the sample. We have had better luck with our Chrome Peas than some of our other varieties and they are listed as "Good" for green seed coat in the Alberta Seed Guide
  5. Maturity Rating: AAC Chrome Peas are listed as medium - long in maturity. This means that they are better suited for southern Alberta than Northern Alberta.
  6. Disease Tolerance: Chrome like other varieties in the seed guide has low tolerance to Mycosphaerella Blight. In terms of Fusarium Wilt, it is considered poor. We haven't noticed issues with disease in our peas but if this is a problem in your fields, you may want to research other varieties.

So that about sums it up. We believe AAC Chrome Peas are a good choice for southern Alberta. We still have some seed available so give us a call.

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