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Mother Nature's Seed Logs

Low maintenance seed logs can be put out year round and offer an easy no hassle way of feeding your favorite birds in the backyard!

Available Logs include:

- No Mess Banquet (with or without rope for hanging): Looking for a special way to feed backyard birds? Our No Mess Banquet seed log is a must-have. Filled with high quality ingredients that won't make a mess or sprout in your yard, this bird feeder i perfect for attracting woodpeckers, chickadee, nuthatches, and many other bird species. Give your feathered friends a treat they'll love!

Mother Nature's® Mother Nature's Seed Logs


Nuthatches, Woodpeckers, Finches, and Chickadees.


Nuts, bugs and bird safe binder

Allergen Warning

Contains Peanuts

Product Details

UPC Item# Weight Items/Case Packaging
062861218147 No Mess Banquet (with rope for easy hanging) 930 g / 2.05 lb 8 plastic wrapped logs in cardboard box
062861218147 No Mess Banquet (with center hole for sliding onto a seed log feeder (not included) 930 g / 2.05 lb 8 plastic wrapped logs in cardboard box

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