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Hamster Premium

Mother Nature's Hamster Premium mix is an excellent daily maintenance diet for Hamsters and other small animals. Includes a variety of seeds and vitamin enriched pellets.

Mother Nature's® Hamster Premium
Mother Nature's® Hamster Premium


Corn, Wheat, Striped Sunflower, Critter pellets, Rabbit pellets, Whole Oats, White millet, Gold Proso, Buckwheat Seed.

Product Details

UPC Item# Weight Items/Case Packaging
062861181403 MN.HP.1.9K_SUP 1.9 kg / 4.2 lb 4 Standup Pouch
062861351400 MN.HP.25L 11.34 kg / 25 lb 1 Bag
062861601406 MN.HP.50L 22.68 kg / 50 lb 1 Bag

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