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Garden Health Blend

Our Garden Health Blend is a unique combination of cover crop plants that work to provide ground cover, produce biomass and encourage soil microorganisms to do their important work. Seeding your soil to these plants for a season will improve your soil for future vegetable or flower production in the following year.

How to use

Seed this mix in the soil in the spring after risk of frost has passed. Seed shallowly (1/4 inch) deep to ensure fast germination. Keep soil damp until plants have germinated and are above the soil then water as required.

Allow the plants to grow during the summer season. Cut back the plants to 5- 10 inches above the ground in the fall leaving some plant material to catch snow and sustain insects and other backyard organisms. In the following spring work the soil by turning and chopping roots and plant matter or by rototilling to incorporate into the soil.

Mother Nature's® Garden Health Blend
Mother Nature's® Garden Health Blend

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