CDC Leroy Forage Peas
Updated October 16, 2023

CDC Leroy - Forage Peas

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CDC Leroy is a forage pea cultivar developed by the Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan.


In the heart of cattle country, we often have customers looking for a forage pea and finally we have located a variety that fits the bill.

CDC Leroy offers:

  • Semi-leafless leaf type
  • High biomass production
  • Good seed yield
  • Resistance to powdery mildew.
  • Improved protein and relative feed value in comparison to Trapper and 40-10 peas.
  • Shorter vine length than other forage pea varieties
  • Superior lodging resistance in comparison to Trapper and 40-10 peas.
  • Higher grain yield on irrigation than 40-10 peas.
  • Smaller seed size than many other forage pea varieties


Peas are often added to oats or barley forage crops in order to increase the protein content of the forage. When blended with oats or barley, some agronomists recommend seeding peas at 75% of normal seeding rate and cereals at 50%. However, other agronomists will recommend seeding peas at 40 -50% of a normal seeding rate and cereals at 60% of a normal seeding rate or higher depending on what their clients are trying to accomplish.

Harvest timing of these forage blends is critical in determining forage tonnage yield and protein contents. Ideally the peas will flower a few days before the cereal plants start to head out. Harvesting at the boot stage of the cereal crop will result in higher protein content and improved digestibility but will sacrifice some forage yield. Delaying harvest to the cereal soft dough stage will maximize forage yield but will reduce the protein content. Typically for beef cattle, harvesting at the soft dough stage provides sufficient forage quality to meet producers feed goals.

CDC Leroy's small seed size and tkw make them an excellent choice for forage blends as they take less bushels/acre to seed and can be more readily blended with other crops like oats or barley. Leroy's hold their germ which is important for anyone wanting to grow them for seed.

Kelly Barany
Kelly Barany

Technical Bulletin
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