Updated December 11, 2018

CDC Inca Yellow Peas

Farmer Tested for Higher Yields and Cleaner Fields Technical Bulletin |

New high yielding yellow pea with good lodging resistance and medium round pea size.

New for 2018! CDC Inca yellow peas are a high yielding variety that has outstanding standability for a yellow pea. We expect Incas to outyield CDC Meadows by 5% or more based on results in the Alberta Seed Guide. Inca peas are slightly larger than CDC Meadow peas but not as large as some of the other large yellow peas on the market.


We are optimistic that this variety will be an excellent replacement for CDC Meadows. We grew our crop last year under irrigation and were pleased with the yield and standability of the crop.

Kelly Barany
Kelly Barany

Technical Bulletin
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