Updated November 16, 2018

CDC Blazer Maple Peas

Farmer Tested for Higher Yields and Cleaner Fields Technical Bulletin |

CDC Blazer is a new high yielding maple pea variety with a light seed coat.

Developed by the Crop Development Centre at the University of Saskatchewan, CDC Blazer maple peas are an exciting new maple pea variety with a higher yield than the other maple peas, yielding similar to CDC Amarillo yellow peas.


  • Improved yield potential
  • Powdery mildew resistant
  • Very good seed coat dimpling

The market for CDC Blazers is still under development. CDC Blazer's lighter colored seed coat is taking a bit of time to gain customer acceptance. This is a niche market and therefore customers interested in this variety may want to only seed a small amount of this variety so as to allow the market to further develop.


Technical Bulletin
Get more details about CDC Blazer Maple Peas by downloading the latest technical bulletin.

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