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AAC Lacombe Yellow Peas

New for 2017. AAC Lacombe is an impressive yielder with yields at 116% of CDC Meadow in the south region of Alberta. AAC Lacombe has low seed coat breakage and a round plump seed.

CDC Saffron Yellow Peas

These will yield approximately 8% more than CDC Meadow peas in the south region of Alberta and have a larger seed size which may appeal to certain markets.

CDC Meadow Yellow Peas

A semi-leafless variety with good lodging resistance and powdery mildew resistance, CDC Meadow peas are the yellow pea standard in Alberta & Saskatchewan, yielding well, with good standability and good quality parameters.

CDC Greenwater Green Peas

New for 2017. CDC Greenwater peas will slightly outyield CDC Patrick and CDC Limerick on average and have a large seed size. Greenwater has a short vine length and offers the best green pea standability score to date.

CDC Impulse Red Lentils

New for 2017. This small red lentil has a seed size that is just slightly larger than CDC Maxim. Impulse lentils will outyield Maxims by 8% in the traditional lentil growing areas of Saskatchewan and are Clearfield tolerant. Growers need to sign a Clearfield Stewardship Grower Agreement.

CDC Maxim CL Red Lentils

A small seeded red lentil similar in size to CDC Redberry, CDC Maxim is a clearfield variety with early to medium maturity, excellent yield potential and good disease resistance. Growers need to sign a Clearfield Stewardship Grower Agreement.

CDC Green Star Lentils

A conventional green lentil that yields as much as red CDC Maxim in the traditional lentil growing areas of Sask and Alberta.

AAC Bravo Flax

A new flax variety with European heritage that provides very competitive yield, large seed size and great stand-ability.

Mustard Seed

Talk to us about yellow mustard seed.

Pulses & Specialty Crops