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Pulses & Specialty Crops


AAC Chrome Yellow Peas

AAC Chrome brings together three top requirements for growers; high yields, excellent standability and resistance to powdery mildew.

CDC Inca Yellow Peas

High yielding yellow pea with good lodging resistance and medium round pea size.

CDC Meadow Yellow Peas

A very popular variety in Alberta and Saskatchewan, CDC Meadow peas have a small seed size and consistent yield.

CDC Leroy Forage Peas

CDC Leroy is a forage pea cultivar developed by the Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan.

CDC Blazer Maple Peas

CDC Blazer is a new high yielding maple pea variety with a light seed coat.


CDC Impulse Red Lentils

New for 2017. This small red lentil has a seed size that is just slightly larger than CDC Maxim. Impulse lentils will outyield Maxims by 8% in the traditional lentil growing areas of Saskatchewan and are Clearfield tolerant. Growers need to sign a Clearfield Stewardship Grower Agreement.

CDC Green Star Lentils

A conventional green lentil that yields as much as red CDC Maxim in the traditional lentil growing areas of Sask and Alberta.

Specialty Crops

AAC Bravo Flax

A new flax variety with European heritage that provides very competitive yield, large seed size and great stand-ability.

Other Seed: Mustard, millet, buckwheat etc.

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Pulses & Specialty Crops