Updated October 26, 2021

AAC Paramount VB Soft Wheat

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AAC Paramount VB is a high yielding soft white spring wheat with an excellent agronomic package, large kernel size and improved falling number.


AAC Paramount VB is a high yielding soft white spring wheat that fits the bill not only as a soft wheat, but also as a high yielding feed wheat. Paramount is a varietal blend that has the SM1 gene for tolerance to the orange wheat blossom midge and AC Andrew will be the refuge in the varietal blend. This means that you will need to sign a wheat midge stewardship agreement to purchase this variety.

AAC Paramount VB has maturity similar to AC Andrew. Parentage: Sadash X SWS366


  • 6% higher yield than AC Andrew and 3% higher yield than AC® Sadash in Cooperative Registration trials
  • Excellent lodging resistance similar to AC Andrew
  • Larger kernel size than both AC Andrew and AC® Sadash
  • Good resistance to stripe rust, loose smut and powdery mildew
  • Improved falling number

If you are looking for an extremely high yielding feed wheat, AAC Paramount will tick that box and retains the option to sell the seed into the soft wheat market.

Kelly Barany
Kelly Barany

Technical Bulletin
Get more details about AAC Paramount VB Soft Wheat by downloading the latest technical bulletin.

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