Updated January 18, 2020

Pasteur General Purpose Wheat

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This is a variety out of Holland with a yield like softwheat - much higher than hard red spring wheats. Our Pasteur fields have had beautiful colour, and a nice plump seed.

Pasteur is a variety of wheat that was developed by Wiersum Plant Breeding in the Netherlands. Secan has the rights to Pasteur in Canada. It is our understanding that it offers good baking quality and has been used for milling in Europe, however, Pasteur has been registered as a "General Purpose" Wheat in Canada.

This variety has huge yield potential but it is a very late variety (3 days longer in maturity than AC Andrew soft wheat for example in 2008 - 2010 trials). It has very strong straw and a good disease resistance package and in particular is quite resistant to Fusarium head blight.


We were very impressed with the yield but it did have lower protein than a hard red spring wheat would have. This variety is used for milling in Europe and is being tested for milling here but right now it is registered as a General Purpose variety and is not broadly accepted as a milling wheat.

Don Hubble
Don Hubble

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