Updated October 26, 2021

CDC Landmark VB Wheat

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CDC Landmark VB is the first midge tolerant wheat that is high yielding, semi-dwarf, with improved protection against fusarium head blight (FHB). In addition, it has a semi-solid stem which offers some sawfly protection.


It’s not just a top yielder, it’s the whole package. CDC Landmark VB is the first midge tolerant wheat that is high yielding, semi-dwarf, and protects against fusarium head blight.

CDC Landmark is a great option as an all-round HRSW variety.


  • Top-in-class yield; up to 113%* of the checks
  • Wheat midge tolerant (customers are required to sign a Midge Stewardship Agreement to grow the variety).
  • Leading standability in a varietal blend
  • Semi-dwarf and semi-solid stem
  • Intermediate resistance to FHB; a strong base for a fusarium IPM system

What is a midge tolerant wheat blend?

A midge tolerant wheat is a varietal blend (you will see the VB for varietal blend designation behind the names of these wheats e.g. CDC Landmark VB).

The blend is composed of two different varieties of wheat:

  1. 90% of the blend is a wheat variety that contains the SM1 gene that is resistant to wheat midge; and
  2. 10% of the blend is a wheat variety that is not resistant to wheat midge - this is called "the refuge"

The refuge is there to focus any wheat midge in the field on that 10% of the crop, in order to prevent the wheat midge population from evolving to beat the SM1 resistance in the rest of the crop.

When you buy a midge tolerant variety like CDC Landmark VB, you need to sign a midge stewardship agreement (for more info see: wheat midge link). This agreement limits the use of farm-saved seed to one generation past Certified seed. This is to ensure that the refuge in the seed stays at the 10% level to ensure that wheat midge doesn't overcome the SM1 gene.

Why it's worth considering a midge tolerant variety even in southern Alberta

It is a bit challenging for us to sell a midge tolerant variety in southern Alberta, because wheat midge hasn't been a big challenge for us in this area. The current wheat midge forecast for Alberta, continues to show wheat midge at low levels in 2019.

However, interestingly enough, many of the VB blends are top yielders in Alberta trials, even when wheat midge is not a big factor. CDC Landmark VB for example is among the top yielders in Alberta and provides excellent quality seed, with very good resistance to lodging and to sprouting. In addition with it's semi-solid stem, it offers some resistance to wheat stem sawfly as well. CDC Landmark VB's refuge is AAC Viewfield so you get the benefit of two excellent varieties working together out in the field. Finally, we have had very nice protein levels in CDC Landmark crop in the years we have grown it so we are pleased with that.

For more info on Landmark see this video below from FP Genetics:

With two years of very dry growing conditions, we haven't had a chance to fully test yields on CDC Landmark VB, as it was grown on our dryland fields. However, we found the variety to be short with excellent protein quality and Canada No 1 grading quality. We believe Landmark would be an excellent choice for dryland in a normal moisture year or on irrigation, as it offers excellent lodging resistance, excellent sprouting resistance, protection against wheat midge and sawfly, and provides high yields.

Kelly Barany
Kelly Barany
CDC Landmark VB Wheat

Technical Bulletin
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