Updated October 26, 2021

CDC Simmie CL® Lentils - Red

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CDC Simmie is a new red lentil variety, that has similar characteristics to CDC Maxim. This early medium maturing variety was bred by Albert Vandenberg at the University of Saskatchewan. CDC Simmie has an immense disease package and yields are 103% – 109% of CDC Maxim. New to the fields in the Spring of 2022.


Main Strengths:

  • Early to medium maturity
  • Good resistance to blight
  • Good resistance to anthracnose
  • Rated for 34 cm tal

CDC Simmie has been a top yielding red lentil in our line-up!

Kelly Barany
Kelly Barany

Technical Bulletin
Get more details about CDC Simmie CL® Lentils - Red by downloading the latest technical bulletin.

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