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Updated November 02, 2021

CDC Nimble CL® Lentil - Red

FP Genetics | Technical Bulletin |

This is a new high yielding small red lentil (yielding 109% more than CDC Maxim in the 2021 Saskatchewan Seed Guide) and has a seed thickness greater than that of CDC Maxim and good resistance to Ascochyta Blight. Clearfield (Imidazolinone) tolerant for weed control.


We just got word that FP Genetics has authorized us to pre-release CDC Nimble lentils in Alberta this year. So this is one year sooner than we expected to have them available for sale. We have limited quantities available as a result so call us soon if you want to try these out this year.


Technical Bulletin
Get more details about CDC Nimble CL® Lentil - Red by downloading the latest technical bulletin.

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