Updated January 02, 2019

CDC® Bow Barley

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With excellent yield and quality parameters we are hopeful that CDC Bow will the the ultimate replacement for AC Metcalfe. High yielding, with plump kernels and good straw strength, this is a good choice for irrigation or high yield environments.

CDC Bow is a high yielding strong strawed two row malting barley with large plump kernels and lower grain protein. CDC Bow has grain protein similar to CDC Copeland, malt enzyme activity between AC Metcalfe and CDC Copeland, extract greater than both checks, malt β-glucan lower than both checks and friability and FAN greater than both checks. CDC Bow is widely adapted across the Canadian Prairies and is presently undergoing market development trials with maltsters and brewers.


  • 9% higher yield than AC Metcalfe (2011 & 2012 Coop Trials)
  • Straw strength greater than the checks including Xena
  • Grain protein 8/10% lower than AC Metcalfe, similar to CDC Copeland
  • Low malt β-glucan,
  • Test weight and kernel weight greater than the checks
  • Higher % plump kernels than the checks
  • Resistant to covered smut and stem rust


Technical Bulletin
Get more details about CDC® Bow Barley by downloading the latest technical bulletin.

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