Updated January 02, 2019

CDC Meredith Barley

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Excellent dryland performer! Plump seed with high yield. This barley was registered as a two-row malting barley but has been more successful as a feed variety.

CDC Meredith provides moderate disease resistance along with improved agronomic traits and desirable malting quality.

Widely adapted across the Canadian prairies.


A beautiful variety to grow with plump seeds and high yield potential, CDC Meredith is a relatively new barley from Secan. Originally aimed at the malt market which hasn't been as accepting as we hoped, Meredith is still worth considering as feed barley since it yields right up there with Austenson and could be accepted for malt if conditions are right. We recommend growing Meredith on dryland because it's straw strength is not quite as good as Austenson's.

Kelly Barany
Kelly Barany
CDC Meredith Barley

Technical Bulletin
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