Updated November 01, 2018

Muskwa - 6 Row Feed Barley

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6 row barley with plump seeds on dryland and good standability on irrigation.

Muskwa Barley is a 6 row smooth awned general purpose feed barley that is well adapted to all soil zones of Western Canada.

It is a semi-dwarf variety with short strong straw, resistance to smut, intermediate maturity, and traits equal to or better than Vivar.


Reliability year after year is what comes from growing a general purpose feed barley such as Muskwa on irrigation. Customers love that it is strong in all of it's characteristics which improve upon or go head to head with that of other six row barley's such as Vivar. Things such as smooth awn, great yield and good straw strength make this variety well suited for silage. Muskwa has an excellent grain yield as well.

Don Hubble
Don Hubble

Technical Bulletin
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