AAC Wildfire Winter Wheat Seed - Excellent winter survival and yield.
Updated June 10, 2024

AAC Wildfire Winter Wheat

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AAC Wildfire offers breakthrough yield, yielding 15% higher than Radiant in the 2024 Alberta Seed Guide and has outstanding yield on both dryland and irrigation. With a strong “R” rating for resistance to Stripe Rust, Wildfire has a powerful advantage over many other winter wheat varieties including Radiant. Finally, it has an MR (moderately resistant) rating to fusarium and has good straw strength.


There are so many benefits to seeding winter wheat. See our blog post for some of the benefits that farmers realize from seeding winter wheat? See our blog post.

Wildfire impresses!

We have had exceptional dryland yields on our Wildfire Winter Wheat with yields up to 101 bu/acre in 2020 and we continue to get feedback from various customers about how happy they have been with their Wildfire yields on dryland and irrigation. Wildfire continues to impress us and just offers so many benefits to our operation by capturing spring moisture, getting a jump on weeds and insects, and spreading out our workload.


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Wildfire has a bronze color in the field

The stats on AAC Wildfire were compelling enough to get us back into the Winter Wheat business. Wildfire has excellent yield and very good winter survival (as was proven to us in seasons with little snow cover and a cold spring). It has a big leg up on other varieties with it's stripe rust disease resistance. Straw strength is good but not quite as good as Gateway or Elevate. Wildfire has a big future in Alberta because of it's yield and quality package. Get a head start on weeds and take advantage of early spring moisture, by choosing Wildfire Winter Wheat.

Kelly Barany
Kelly Barany
AAC Wildfire Winter Wheat

Technical Bulletin
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