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Updated July 11, 2024

KWS Serafino Hybrid Fall Rye

Farmer Tested for Higher Yields and Cleaner Fields Technical Bulletin |

KWS Serafino Hybrid Fall Rye offers excellent quality and maximum yield performance for silage, feed or grain.

KWS Serafino Hybrid Fall Rye:

KWS Serafino offers maximum yield performance for silage/feed or grain, with a leading harvest index. This variety is the newest leader in grain yields for the KWS line up and it is noted for its excellent grain quality.

Main Strengths:

  • Very high yielding
  • Multi-purpose - grain, feed, flour, distilling, forage
  • Excellent Straw Strength
  • Very good drought stress tolerance
  • Low ergot risk

Technical Bulletin
Get more details about KWS Serafino Hybrid Fall Rye by downloading the latest technical bulletin.

Download (pdf)