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Alfalfa, Grass & Cover Crops

We are pleased to have recently partnered with NorthStar Seed to provide our customers with a broad range of forage seed including Cover Crops, Alfalfa, Grasses, and custom forage blends.

Alfalfa & Alfalfa Only Blends

Our alfalfa seed contains only high purity and germination seed lots and are treated with Apron XL for improved seedling vigour. Alfalfa blends are recommended if you have variable land as the different combination of alfalfa in each blend will help you maximize yield across your whole field.

Dual Purpose Hay & Pasture Forage Blends

Our dual purpose hay and pasture blends are suitable for haying and some grazing. These blends include a combination of native grasses. Some include a small amount of alfalfa and some do not.

Hay Only Forage Blends

With a higher alfalfa content, these blends are suitable for hay but not for grazing.

Custom Forage Blends (mix of alfalfa, perennial grasses etc.)

Through our relationship with Northstar Seed, we can create totally custom forage blends to meet your specific operation's needs. Need a dual purpose hay or pasture blend and have some unique requirements - talk to us. These custom blends can be available within a week of you placing your order.

Cover Crops

Talk to us about turnip, radish, forage brassica, hairy vetch and other cover crops.

Lawn & Turf

Talk to us about available lawn and turf species and blends.

Alfalfa, Grass & Cover Crops