Suet Feeders Attract the Most Interesting Birds

Suet Feeders Attract the Most Interesting Birds

January 12, 2013 | Kelly Barany, Chin Ridge Seeds (en-CA)

I have about 3 different suet feeders in my backyard and they attract the most interesting birds. In particular, I notice that my northern flicker friends love suet.  Notice the acrobatics they use to balance on this suet feeder to eat at it.


You can buy suet in many shapes and sizes but the classic suet cake is like the one pictured here - a square block. Suet is made from fat, usually beef kidney fat that has been heated to a high temperature to process it in such a way that it will stick together well.  Flavorings or seeds, peanuts etc are added to the fat. My birds prefer the peanut versions of suet.

Suet provides a very high energy source to birds which is important in the cold winter. In addition, many birds that are insect eaters will also eat suet, so you will attract birds to your suet feeders even if they will not visit your seed feeders.

So don't forget the suet in your backyard this winter. I go through about three suet cakes per week during the cold winter months.