New Soft Wheat Looking Good On Dryland! AAC Chiffon Soft Wheat

March 10, 2016 | Kelly Barany, Chin Ridge Seeds

We are excited to be releasing AAC Chiffon Soft Wheat this spring. AAC Chiffon is a new variety from SeedNet Inc developed by breeder Harpinder Randhawafrom AAFC.

Evaluated for 4 years in the Western Soft White Spring Wheat Registration Trials (2008-2011), AAC Chiffon yielded more grain than the other check varieties including AC Sadash and AC Andrew.  These results were most dramatic in the dryland trials where AAC Chiffon really stood out.

AAC Chiffon has a high kernel weight and is taller than AC Andrew or AC Sadash.  We feel it is has a good potential to be a leading soft wheat variety not just for the flour markets but also for ethanol and silage purposes.

At present, we are cautious in recommending Chiffon on irrigation because it is taller than Andrew and Sadash and is rated Good for lodging versus Very Good for the other two varieties.  We think, though, that it will be a real winner in the dryland softwheat growing areas.