New AAC Raymore - The Solid Choice For Durum

December 01, 2013 | Kelly Barany, Chin Ridge Seeds

It's always exciting to be offering out a new variety for the first time and this year we have a few new ones.  One of these newly released varieties is AAC Raymore, the first solid stem durum variety in Canada.

AAC Raymore is very similar to AC® Strongfield in yield and most other traits, in fact Strongfield is a parent of Raymore. It is one day earlier than Strongfield in maturity and a tad bit shorter with the same lodging rating.

The seed guide shows Raymore to have a bit higher protein than Strongfield and we saw this ourselves as our Raymore sample had the highest protein of the durums we grew last year.

The nice thing about Raymore, though, is that it offers an insurance policy, so to speak, against sawfly if you live in an area that has had sawfly issues in the past.

Sawfly is less of an issue in southern Alberta than it used to be, but as a cyclical pest we can expect sawfly to return especially when conditions are dryer. Tight wheat rotations and dry conditions contribute to sawfly.

One other thing to note for those of you who weren't happy with AC Lillian's solid stem trait which is affected by environmental conditions: Field observations indicate that AAC Raymore is very reliably solid-stemmed.

We did get some hail on our Raymore this year so we don't have as much to offer out as we would like but we do have some AAC Raymore available. Give us a call to book some seed or for more info.