Interesting Wheat Variety Info From Yield 2015 Alberta Magazine

March 09, 2015 | Kelly Barany, Chin Ridge Seeds

Well on the surface, it may not seem like an exciting read, but when you look really close, there is some interesting data to be found in Yield 2015 Alberta Magazine published by AFSC & Alberta Farmer.


The publication lists the crop insurance acres & yields by variety and risk area in the province and it's interesting to sift through the results. 

Here's what I learned about HRSW results in 2014 from this publication.  Of course, everyone knows that 2014 was a bit of a tough year for some parts of the province at harvest so that weather will have impacted the results.  So with that disclaimer, here we go...

The wheat chart is a bit tough to read because it mixes all types of wheat together (HRS, SWS, HRW, CPS, DW etc.).  However, looking just at the HRSW varieties, in 2014, province-wide the highest yielding HRSW dryland varieties were: 


  • Muchmore HRSW (FP Genetics) was a standout- avg 60 bu
  • AAC Bailey HRSW (Canterra) - new variety - avg 54 bu
  • CDC Plentiful HRSW (FP Genetics) - also new - avg 53 bu
  • Harvest HRSW - avg 53 bu

Close Seconds:

  • CDC Stanley, CDC Abound, CDC Utmost, CDC Imagine were in the 51 - 52 bu range.
  • Stettler, CDC Go, Carberry, CDC Thrive, Cardale, CDC Osler, & Journey were in that 48-49 bu range.

Other varieties had a range of lower yields.

I should briefly mention that the varietal blends (midge resistant variety mixes) did very well with Goodeve VB from Alliance topping the list with a 54 bu average. Snowbird which is a HWW from Secan was also high in the list at 58 bu average yield in 2014.

In 2014, province wide the highest yielding HRSW irrigation varieties were: 

  • Cardale HRS (Seed Depot distributed through SeedNet) - avg 85 bu
  • CDC Go (public variety) - avg 82 bu
  • Carberry (Secan) - avg 78 bu
  • Superb (Secan) - avg 77 bu
  • Muchmore (FP Genetics) - avg 74 bu
  • CDC Abound - avg 73 bu

Again the VB varieties did well with Shaw (Secan) leading the way with an avg 78 bu.

It is interesting to look in your particular risk area in this publication to see which varieties are being grown and how they have done.  So in the my area of Taber, on dryland in 2014, Taber's top HRSW varieties were AC Carberry (Secan) - avg 49 bu and Glenn (Canterra) - avg 48 bu with CDC Go coming in at 46 bu.

I should also note that if a variety wasn't grown by at least 5 producers, they exclude it from the list which might explain why I didn't see Muchmore, Bailey, Plentiful, or Harvest listed in our area.

On irrigation in 2014, Taber's top HRSW varieties were CDC Go - avg 93 bu, Cardale (Seed Depot/SeedNet) - avg 88 bu, Carberry & Superb (Secan) - avg 82 bu.  I would argue that Muchmore should have been up there (full disclosure - we sell Muchmore and I am a fan) but it is listed at 77 bu on a very small amount of acres. 

Of course, I like to look at the varieties that we grow and sell and make a few mental notes when I see something noteable.  I will say that Strongfield Durum (Secan) on irrigation is listed with an average yield of 82 bu province wide. That impressed me because it yielded right up there with the top HRSW varieties. Pasteur GP Wheat (Secan) is listed on irrigation province wide at 94 bu per acre, second only to AC Andrew (Secan) in 2014 at 100 bu.