Dryland Silage Barley with a Smooth Awn - Check Out CDC Maverick Barley

January 04, 2015 | AbbeyDesign, Chin Ridge Seeds

We have been growing CDC Cowboy for a number of years now and it has been a very successful variety for our dryland barley customers. Tall with a huge amount of plant matter and an ability to do well under low moisture and low fertility conditions, it has become a customer favorite.

So how can you improve on CDC Cowboy? Well Secan has come out with a new sister variety called CDC Maverick. It yields like cowboy but has a "smooth awn" making it more palatable for swath grazing, bale grazing or silage. In addition, Maverick is rated as having 10% more forage yield than cowboy.


We have grown Maverick for two years now, starting with a small field and then this year with a bigger field. We harvested our field for grain and so we can not comment on silage yield but we were extremely impressed with the amount of straw bales that we got off the field. We think Maverick is going to be worth a try for those folks who have liked Cowboy and are looking for a smooth awn.

We have a limited amount of Maverick available this year so give us a call soon if you are interested in trying some.