Family owned and operated, Chin Ridge has a history of excellence in the seed industry.

Located on the wide, open plains of southern Alberta not far from the base of the Rocky Mountains, Chin Ridge is well positioned to take advantage of the sunny southern Alberta climate and well developed local irrigation system to produce excellent seed for both our farm customers and our bird seed customers.

Chin Ridge Seeds Ltd, manufactures and distributes bird and pet food to customers across Canada and also processes and sells certified planting seed for farmers. The farming side of the business, Chin Ridge Farms Ltd, cultivates approximately 10,000 acres of crop land producing certified planting seed and some of the key ingredients for the bird seed operation.

Don Hubble and Kelly Barany operate Chin Ridge Seeds Ltd, while Lawrence and Wilma Barany are the business founders and are still heavily involved in the farm side of the business.

Our History

Nick Barany, Lawrence’s father, would have been pleased with how the farm has grown and developed. When he immigrated to Canada from Hungary in 1935 with only $11 and his passport, he likely hadn’t envisioned what his family’s future would hold. After coming to Canada, he eventually settled in the Taber area and bought a section of land southeast of Taber. Nick and his wife Elizabeth raised two children on the farm, Lawrence and Eileen, and Lawrence ultimately joined the family farm operation in 1964. Lawrence, with an Agriculture degree from the University of Alberta, and his wife Wilma, continued to purchase land and grow the business, moving into pedigreed seed production in 1965. In fact, Lawrence has now been a registered member of the Canadian Seed Growers Association for over 50 years.

Chin Ridge Farms Ltd was incorporated in 1982 and in 1985 Lawrence and Wilma built a seed cleaning plant on the farm and established Chin Ridge Seed Processors Ltd. The seed cleaning operation made it possible for Chin Ridge to ensure the pedigreed seed grain sold by the farm was cleaned to high purity standards and also enabled Chin Ridge Seed Processors to begin processing special crops and later to start manufacturing bird seed products.

Lawrence and Wilma raised 3 children: Kelly, Tracy and Mitch, all of whom own farmland in the area. Kelly and her husband Don Hubble, now own and operate of Chin Ridge Seeds Ltd (the successor company to Chin Ridge Seed Processors) and continue to grow the pedigreed seed and birdseed lines of the business.

The majority of the pedigreed seed sold by Chin Ridge Seeds today has been produced on family owned crop land, so our staff has first hand experience with the varieties of seed sold including understanding yield differences, ease of combining, disease resistance and lodging problems. With this hands on approach, Chin Ridge is better-equipped to recommend varieties suitable to the area.

Chin Ridge is a family owned business that prides itself on excellent customer service and high quality products, whether that is pedigreed seed for farmers or birdseed for your backyard.